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Welcome to the Foresight Sustainability Series podcast



Welcome to the Foresight Sustainability Series podcast hosted by Henry Morgan, a Sustainable Investment Manager at Foresight Group.

In this series, we will explore the themes around sustainability that will play a crucial part in shaping our world in the current period of accelerated change. Throughout the series, experts will offer their insights on the global sustainability agenda, and address what challenges are influencing business agendas as we enter a new decade of climate action.


Foresight Group: Our Story 

Established in 1984, we are a leading infrastructure and private equity investment manager with c.£6.8 billion of assets under management.

At Foresight, we are focused on investing for a smarter future. To us, that means spotting opportunities first, being flexible and innovative, adopting a clear and transparent approach and applying the expertise of our people to create a sustainable legacy for future generations.


Investing in Sustainability 

We are motivated by our purpose, to provide a sustainable legacy for future generations and we are committed to investing for a smarter future.

Our team seeks out investment opportunities that will deliver change; be these disruptive and innovative small businesses across the UK, new energy infrastructures, or enlightened local renewables based smart grids. We aim to be part of the solution. 

In January 2020 we embarked on a partnership with the Goodwood Estate as their Sustainability Partner. A key driver of our partnership with the Estate is to create a platform for conversations around sustainability.

You can read more about our journey with the Estate here.