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Welcome to the Foresight Sustainability Series podcast

Oct 25, 2023

Earlier this year, we launched our sustainability data platform: PACT (Platform Advacing Change Together) - powered by Salesforce and delivered by PWC. The platform allows us to gain access to AI and data-driven insights to enhance reporting across our global corporate business and private equity portfolio.

Businesses are under growing pressure to capture broader ESG data, as new regulations, accounting standards and rules aimed at accelerating the drive to Net Zero come into force. SMEs, which account for 99% of UK businesses, often do not have the resources to effectively manage their emissions and broader sustainability imapct. PACT will revolutionise this and transform the Private Equity sector's approach to sustainability, making new forms of data and reporting accessible to smaller companies - a previously underserved market. 

In this episode, Lily Billings, Head of Group Sustainability at Foresight, is joined by Keiran Bell, Senior Account Executive at Salesforce, and Matt Cook, Partner at PWC. The group discuss how PACT will transform sustainability analytics across Foresight, mitigate the risk of greenwashing and support organisations to make improved data-driven decisions. 

The podcast is for information purposes only and without limitation, does not constitute an offer, an invitation to offer or a recommendation to engage in any investment activity. Listeners should not construe the content of this podcast as investment advice and no reliance may be placed upon the content. The opinions of speakers are their personal opinions and not necessarily those of their respective companies. 

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